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The previous COVID Stimulus Package gave North Dakota $200 Million for rental and utility assistance. There is a bill (HB 1394) in the ND Legislature that will determine WHO will distribute and HOW it is to be done.

It was introduced Jan. 18, 2021, moved through the House in February. And has now been referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

CONTACT the Senate Primary Sponsors - Urge them to move this forward. Time is of the essense. The property owners and residents of North Dakota need these emergency funds NOW!

  • Sen. Joan Heckaman (D) District 23: H: 701-947-2106; M: 701-302-0355; E:
  • Sen. Ray Holmberg (R) District 17, Chairman of Senate Appropriations: M: 701-739-5334; E:
  • Sen. Rich Wardner (R) District 37: H: 701-483-6918; M: 701-590-1178: E:

Thank you for taking action!